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Launch event publication and lightning talk opportunities

last modified Aug 01, 2018 02:46 PM

As part of our launch, we're seeking submissions of short written pieces and lightning talks from Cambridge researchers.

We're looking for short pieces of up to 500 words describing research and activities at Cambridge and linking it to our broad themes of trust, distrust, internet technologies, society and power. We will publish these on the Trust & Technology Initiative's website and will also publish a selection of pieces in the printed event programme. To submit an article, please complete this form before September 7th. 

As well as our keynotes and shorter talks from Cambridge researchers, we'll be providing an opportunity for others to give a lightning talk (up to 1 minute) about their research. If you would like give one of these talks then please complete this form before September 7th.

For both opportunities, interdisciplinary work touching on any of our themes is welcome:

  • Relationships and interplays between technology and society; the legal, ethical and political frameworks impacting both trust and technology, and innovative governance, in areas such as transport, critical infrastructure, identity, manufacturing, healthcare, financial systems and networks, communications systems, internet of things
  • The nature of trust and distrust; trust in technology, and trust through technology; the many dimensions of trust at individual, organisational and societal levels
  • Rigorous technical foundations, for resilient, secure and safe computer systems, including data and communications platforms, artificial intelligence, and robotics

About us

The Trust & Technology Initiative brings together and drives forward interdisciplinary research from Cambridge and beyond to explore the dynamics of trust and distrust in relation to internet technologies, society and power; to better inform trustworthy design and governance of next generation tech at the research and development stage; and to promote informed, critical, and engaging voices supporting individuals, communities and institutions in light of technology’s increasing pervasiveness in societies.  

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Upcoming events

Lunchtime Talk: Dr Alice Hutchings

Oct 25, 2018

Cambridge Brew House, 1 King St, Cambridge CB1 1LH

Lunchtime Talk: Prof Simon Schaffer

Nov 20, 2018

Cambridge Brew House, 1 King St, Cambridge CB1 1LH

Upcoming events