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Trust & Technology Initiative


The Trust & Technology Inititive and Cambridge Judge Business School are jointly launching a networking webinar series on the theme “The digital (dis)comfort zone”. There will be two webinars each month throughout the summer, in which speakers from the University of Cambridge as well as from the business, policy and civil society worlds, will help us explore the many ways in which the digital world is impacting the way we live and work and the risks that we take.

Each webinar involves an informal talk by two speakers (15 minutes each) and will be followed by the opportunity to ask questions and to network in breakout rooms. The webinars will initially take place on Zoom and will NOT be recorded. They are planned as a way to help you connect with other people who share your same interest in the digital world, so just bring a glass of any drink you like and enjoy an informative as well as refreshing digital happy hour!

The series is supported by Cambridge Wireless, the Cambridge Network and the Cambridge Enterprise & Technology Club.

Upcoming topics:

Digital Democracy
Digital Marketing
Digitising Conservative Industries

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