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Trust & Technology Initiative

A network around trust, technology, society and power      

The Trust & Technology Initiative is a forum for interdisciplinary research from Cambridge and beyond to explore the dynamics of trust and distrust in relation to internet technologies, society and power.

It is unique in considering the interplays and feedback loops between the fundamentals of technology, societal impact and governance of next generation systems at the research and development stage.         

News & Articles

SIG in Disinformation and Media Literacy releases podcast

9 November 2020

Members of the Disinformation and Media Literacy Special Interest Group (DML SIG) at the University of Cambridge have released a Youtube recording of a discussion on the topic of media literacy. Cambridge academics from the Departments of Psychology and Ukrainian Studies meet partners of the Dutch team DROG to exchange...

Upcoming Funding Call: Digital Security by Design (03/12/20)

9 November 2020

Commissioning Call: ESRC Digital Security by Design Social Science Hub+ (discribe) Discribe (Digital Security by Design Social Science Hub+) is an ESRC-funded Hub+ that forms part of the wider Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) “Digital Security by Design” programme. Work proposed under this Call should not last...

Once your Data is Out There ...

28 October 2020

Once your carefully collected data is out there - what happens to it once information flows between people and machines, echoes across borders, is interpreted, re-coded, transformed and analysed as it travels across digital spaces? What tools could we use to verify this rapidly-proliferating digital information? How can we...

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