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Trust & Technology Initiative


The Trust & Technology Initiative showcases Cambridge’s research agenda around trust and technology, and fosters collaboration and engagement with industry, civil society, government, and the public around three key themes:

  • Relationships and interplays between technology and society; the nature of trust: trust in technology, and trust through technology
  • Rigorous technical foundations, for resilient, secure and safe computer systems
  • Applications within specific systems, in areas such as transport, critical infrastructure, identity, manufacturing, healthcare, financial systems and networks, communication systems, and internet of things

In response to the increasing pervasiveness of digital technologies a body of research on design and governance of trustworthy next generation technology has emerged in recent years. Technological, sociological, legal, economic, political and journalistic perspectives are converging on an exciting cross-disciplinary space in which vital questions of utility and morality are being debated.

At crucial junctures, the Trust & Technology Initiative gathers perspectives on the interplay between society and digital technologies towards an overview of cutting-edge thinking on this topic.

The collections of essays and opinion pieces by academics, policy makers and practitioners in this section are the result of annual symposia, workshops and ongoing interdisciplinary conversations. The Research Perspectives observe technology's impact on society at diffferent scales of resolution, from high level overviews to detailed examination of sector-specific questions.

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