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Trust & Technology Initiative


The Initiative fosters interdisciplinary projects and connect researchers from technology disciplines and social sciences.

We currently have an affiliation scheme for Cambridge researchers to get involved with the Trust & Technology Initiative as a Network Member. This involves no firm commitment from either you or the Initiative, but we will maintain a list of Network Members and you may declare this affiliation on your website and in grant applications. You should be aware of our work, so that you can answer basic questions about the Initiative. 

If you are a Cambridge researcher and would like to be actively involved with the Trust & Technology Initiative, you can join as a Team Member.

Team Members make a commitment to collaborative working with others in the Initiative (which may take the form of hosting events, talking on panels, chairing events, helping organise events, producing publications, etc.). Team Members can attend meetings of our Executive Committee to discuss things that they wish to do with us, but attendance is not required.

All subscribers to our mailing list will receive the Trust &Technology newsletter.

The Trust & Technology Initiative is run by an Executive Committee in conjunction with a Steering Committee.




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