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Trust & Technology Initiative


Ethical questions in the technology sector generate important discussion, mostly focusing on problems with existing infrastructure and tool. Proposed solutions to long-term problems typically involving larger training sets, more diverse development teams, and broad strokes ethical oversight.

Whilst this discussion is productive, a crucial element, namely the technologists and their training, is all too often overlooked.

Many people working in tech come from a mathematical background. Their training is designed to produce lean, mean, problem-solving machines. Whilst their ability to transform complex problems into tractable ones is beneficial, their tendency to over-simplify and omit crucial factors leads to real-world problems.

The Cambridge University Ethics in Mathematics Project (CUEiMP) specifically addresses ethical issues surrounding mathematical work, generating material to help the mathematically trained foresee and avert such problems. The project was inititated by pure mathematician Dr Maurice Chiodo out of an interest in deep ethical issues arising in tech development processes.

For further information on CUEiMP's work to date in raising awareness, writing articles, improving the understanding mathematicians have of their societal responsibilities, and producing ways to communicate this to mathematicians including those working in tech, please visit the project website. We welcome any contact or requests for collaboration, assistance, or just advice. The tech community works better when it works together.

Lead investigator and main contact: Dr Maurice Chiodo

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