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Trust & Technology Initiative


The project forms part of a cohort of UK-Japan cooperations to investigate multiple, uncertain and wide-ranging impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on society, culture and economy. While there is now an emerging legaltech marketplace, with a number of startups and established companies competing to develop software to automate aspects of law and various legal processes, fundamental questions about what the automation of law means for the autonomy and effectiveness of the legal system and for the rule of law have yet to be resolved. 

This project focuses on judicial decision making as a core feature of legal systems, and examines the possibilities, risks, and limitations of its digitisation and automation. Its aim is to develop:

  • foundational technologies for computing law and modeling legal reasoning in ways that will facilitate the introduction of AI into legal systems
  • the creation of future scenarios for the implementation of AI in law
  • a set of ethical guidelines for regulating the use of AI in dispute resolution.

The multi-disciplinary project team assembles researchers from the Facultay of Law and the Department of Computer Science and Technology.

The 3-year project is jointly supported by UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) and JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).

UK lead investigator: Prof Simon Deakin

UK team members:
Prof Jon Crowcroft, Dr Jat Singh, Dr Jennnifer Cobbe (Department of Computer Sicence and Technology)

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