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Read more at: Theory to practice: Data Trust Initiative Funding Call (deadline: 29/01/2021)

Theory to practice: Data Trust Initiative Funding Call (deadline: 29/01/2021)

21 December 2020

The Data Trusts Initiative – a new joint initiative by the Department of Computer Science and Technology and collaborators at Birmingham University – invites applications to its newly established research programme. Funding is offered for research projects that help bridge the gap between discussions about how data trusts...

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Read more at: UK’s first Master’s degree in the responsible use of AI launching at Cambridge

UK’s first Master’s degree in the responsible use of AI launching at Cambridge

8 December 2020

A new degree in AI Ethics is being launched at Cambridge, aiming to teach professionals in all areas of life — from engineers and policymakers to health administrators and HR managers — how to use AI for good, not ill. The programme is a co-operation between the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) and...

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SIG in Disinformation and Media Literacy releases podcast

9 November 2020

Members of the Disinformation and Media Literacy Special Interest Group (DML SIG) at the University of Cambridge have released a Youtube recording of a discussion on the topic of media literacy. Cambridge academics from the Departments of Psychology and Ukrainian Studies meet partners of the Dutch team DROG to exchange...

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Once your Data is Out There ...

28 October 2020

Once your carefully collected data is out there - what happens to it once information flows between people and machines, echoes across borders, is interpreted, re-coded, transformed and analysed as it travels across digital spaces? What tools could we use to verify this rapidly-proliferating digital information? How can we...

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Read more at: International Webinar Month: November Event Series

International Webinar Month: November Event Series

8 October 2020

The Trust & Technology Inititative is pelased to present a series of virtual talks by prominent speakers in the field of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science this November. The series will cover big questions regarding the future interaction of humanity with Artificial Intelligence and Robots, as well as effects of...

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Read more at: Launching new networking webinar series

Launching new networking webinar series

3 June 2020

The Trust & Technology Inititive and Cambridge Judge Business School are jointly launching a networking webinar series on the theme “The digital (dis)comfort zone” . There will be two webinars each month throughout the summer, in which speakers from the University of Cambridge as well as from the business, policy and...

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Leading academics appeal for privacy by design in approach to contract-tracing apps

22 April 2020

As governments, companies and academics race to develop post-pandemic contact tracing apps, concerns are growing over privacy and transparency issues. More than 300 academics from around the globe have released a joint statement calling for citizen privacy to be at the heart of any technical solution. They argue that...

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Groundbreaking report on trustworthy AI published

Trustworthy AI development: 10 mechanisms to support verifiable claims

16 April 2020

Leading researchers from Cambridge, Oxford and other organisations have co-authored a unique report that lays out a road map for making AI development demonstrably, verifiably responsible and thus more trustworthy.

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UK Parliament creates Expert Database to help tackle COVID-19 Outbreak

25 March 2020

Over the past few weeks, Parliament has seen a surge in need for access to research expertise as it engages with the COVID-19 outbreak. To speed up the process of Parliament accessing relevant research expertise, Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU) are creating a COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database. Invitations to...

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Trust & Technology SRI members win Research Prize in Public Interest Communications

28 February 2020

Jon Roozenbeek (Department of Slavonic Studies) and Sander van der Linden (Department of Psychology) have been awarded the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications $10,000 Research Prize in Public Interest Communications. The winning paper among the three finalists selected from 74 entries, entitled...

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