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Trust & Technology Initiative


This cluster at the Lever-hulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (LCFI), led by Adrian Weller, examines the impact of AI systems on society today, and how these systems can be used to as to preserve fairness, accountability, democracy.

To learn more about the researchers involved and to view current projects, please go to the cluster webpages at LCFI.

Trust and Transparency

This project is developing processes to ensure that AI systems are transparent, reliable and trustworthy.

As AI systems are widely deployed in real-world settings, it is critical for us to understand the mechanisms by which they take decisions, when they can be trusted to perform well, and when they may fail. This project addresses these goals in three strands.

Politics and Democracy

This project examines the challenges that the future of AI poses for democratic politics, including questions of political agency, accountability and representation.

The future of AI poses deep challenges for democratic politics and raises urgent questions of political agency, accountability and representation. What kind of politics can control AI? What kind of politics might result from AI?

Faith and AI

There is great interest in artificial intelligence: its capabilities, opportunities, ethical concerns, and implications for human flourishing. Yet current conversations often fail to engage with a broad range of religious stakeholders and faith communities. This risks ignoring a central aspect of many people’s moral perspective, and centuries of spiritual wisdom, philosophy, and ethical thinking which could be valuable resources.

The Faith and AI project aims to connect with, listen to, and help inform these religious communities that form such a large constituent of human society around the world. We will explore practical, ethical and spiritual issues around AI with faith leaders. We aim to expand the inter-faith conversation by bringing in non-Anglophone and non-Western perspectives to raise awareness of connections, overlaps, and differences in religious thought on AI from outside of the Abrahamic faiths. This project has synergies with the Global AI Narratives project at the LCFI, and will further enhance our understanding of the impact of cultural contexts on the development of AI around the world.

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