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Trust & Technology Initiative

Corona Virus

Trust, Technology and Society under COVID-19 - Cambridge Research Perspectives

The COVID-19 Pandemic is accelerating the adoption of digital technology. Which effects of the pandemic are amplified by the digital revolution, wich are mitigated by it? What are the repercussions for society, temporarily and permanently? 

The Trust & Technology Initiative invited Cambridge researchers to give us their thoughts on trust and technology in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following contributions reflect the impact of COVID-19 on data science, potential digital solutions to curb the epidemic, macroeconomics and information management.

To read the research perspectives and find out more about the authors, please follow the individual title links or use the left hand navigation pane.



Drs Sander van der Linden, Jon Roozenbeek:  Online misinformation about Covid-19
Dr Marwa Mahmoud:  Machine learning models
Dr Robert Harle: Health going mobile?

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