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Trust & Technology Initiative


Our Vision: collaborative, interdisciplinary, informative

We aspire to better inform trustworthy design and governance of next generation technology, and to promote informed, critical, and engaging voices in light of technology’s increasing pervasiveness in societies.

Our particular ability to connect cutting edge deep technology with social science and humanities expertise enables dynamic exploration of emergent use cases, and for us to envisage and experiment with realistic future scenarios.  As a network, the Initiative is a ‘big tent,’ bringing people together, facilitating collaboration, and engaging industry, civil society, government, and the public, across:

  • Relationships and interplays between technology and society; the legal, ethical and political frameworks impacting both trust and technology, and innovative governance, in areas such as transport, critical infrastructure, identity, manufacturing, healthcare, financial systems and networks, communications systems, internet of things
  • The nature of trust and distrust; trust in technology, and trust through technology; the many dimensions of trust at individual, organisational and societal levels
  • Rigorous technical foundations, for resilient, secure and safe computer systems, including data and communications platforms, artificial intelligence, and robotics

What the Trust & Technology Initiative does

  • connects the research community around trust and technology
  • acts as a helpful gateway to Cambridge for external partners
  • catalyses new collaborative projects and activities
  • builds capacity and strengthens knowledge transfer
  • influences national and international research and policy agendas

How we work

The Trust & Technology Initiative engages researchers and partners, and uses creative ways to bring together diverse participants and enable effective discussion and collaboration. We help interdisciplinary research ideas to emerge. The Initiative also creates content to bridge between disciplines and sectors, and seeks new ways to connect researchers and enable prototyping and testing of ideas.

We are interested in exploring what value the Initiative can offer potential partner organisations as an interdisciplinary forum, including networking and brokering support, workshops and roundtables, strategic reports, and other services. 

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