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Trust & Technology Initiative


The Data Trusts Initiative – a new joint initiative by the Department of Computer Science and Technology and collaborators at Birmingham University – invites applications to its newly established research programme.

Funding is offered for research projects that help bridge the gap between discussions about how data trusts could work and their practical application.

Data governance is becoming exceedingly complex in today's rapidly evolving data environment, where data usage can be subject to many different data protection regimes. The idea of data trusts shifts data governance to a legal structure of independent stewardship: individuals can take data rights that are set out in law and pool these into an organisation - a trust - in which trustees make decisions about data use on their behalf

These trusts have received widespread attention in recent years from policymakers across the world. Further action is now needed to identify how data trusts could help tackle real-world data governance challenges.

The Data Trusts Inititative has set out a list of relevant areas of research to guide prospective applicants.

Eligibility: Reseachers from both within and outside the University of Cambridge are eligible to apply.
Award volume:  Up to £15,000 will be available for successful proposals.
Submission deadline: Please complete and submit the form by 10:00 am GMT on 29 January 2021.
For further information about the context and areas of interest for the Data Trusts Initiative, please visit and consider the Initiative’s first Working Paper (Data Trusts: from theory to practice).
For further information, see the funding call FAQs.

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