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Trust & Technology Initiative


One of my primary research directions involves the economics of security and privacy. In this space, I explore both micro and behavioral economic aspects of security and privacy to design a robust cyber-space. In the past, I have designed efficient market models for cyber-insurance to improve network cyber-security. Currently I am focusing on designing privacy trading market models that achieve a win-win solution between various privacy stakeholders for the mobile apps and IoT business ecosystems. I am also conducting research on designing behavioral economic solutions to improve security in IoT-networked smart cities. The Cambridge Trust & Technoloy Initiative is an ideal platform for me to know about inter-disciplinary ideas and solutions related to my aforementioned research interests through its various events and publications.


Ranjan got his PhD in computer science (2014) from University of Southern California's (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering by designing and analyzing one of the pioneering models for improving network security via cyber-insurance, and continued on to do independent postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge (CST, DPMMS) and USC (ECE). Ranjan held the Provost Fellowship at USC (the school's highest graduate student honor) throughout his PhD studies. He has multiple masters degrees (with CSE specializations in computational biology and computer/communication networks) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the National University of Singapore, and University of California Davis, and has held visiting research positions at the University of Cambridge, Princeton University, Tsinghua University, Deutsch Telekom Labs, Ciena Corporation, the University of Helsinki, and Aalborg University.

Junior faculty member, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, University of Michigan Ann Arbor