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Trust & Technology Initiative


I am a PhD candidate at the Centre of Development Studies, POLIS. As Jo Cox Scholar, my research focuses on technological marginalisation amongst refugees and asylum seekers and examines the justice implications of new digital boundaries to socioeconomic life in cities in an era of “datafied refuge.” My work is especially relevant to issues surrounding trust; trust in digital infrastructures that adversely include (or exclude) marginalised groups such as vulnerable migrant populations, who are in turn forced to inhabit precarious living conditions as a result (either under regimes of severe neoliberal casualisation, or invasive surveillance technologies). 

I work on a number of other Cambridge-based initiatives, including: the Cambridge branch of Amnesty International’s Digital Verification Corps (co-founded with Dr Ella McPherson); Declarations: The Human Rights Podcast at the Centre of Governance & Human Rights; and The Whistle.

PhD Student, Centre of Development Studies, POLIS

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