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Rob Doubleday has been Executive Director of the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge since 2012. Previously Rob established CSaP's research programme. His research interests include the role of science, evidence and expertise in contemporary societies, in particular the relationship between scientific advice, public policy and democracy. In 2010 Rob spent a year on secondment to the Government Office for Science, working on policies to promote engagement between academia and government. Prior to this Rob was the principal investigator of a three-year Wellcome Trust funded project that studied the policy and public dimensions of nanotechnologies. Rob has degrees in Chemistry (Imperial College, London) and Science and Technology Policy (SPRU, University of Sussex). He has a PhD in Geography and Science & Technology Studies from University College London and studied at the Harvard Kennedy School on a Fulbright Scholarship. Rob is also a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Geography at Cambridge.

Role of science, evidence and expertise in contemporary societies
Public policy dimensions of tresearch
Academia and Government
Executive Director CSaP
Senior Research Associate Department of Geography