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Dr Ella McPherson is the Department of Sociology's Lecturer in the Sociology of New Media and Digital Technology as well as the Anthony L. Lyster Fellow in Sociology at Queens’ College. She is also Co-Director of the Centre of Governance and Human Rights, where she leads the research theme on human rights in the digital age. Ella’s research focuses on symbolic struggles surrounding the media in times of transition, whether democratic or digital. She is particularly interested in the implication of these struggles for the formation, evaluation and contestation of truth-claims.  Her current research, which has been funded by an ESRC Future Research Leader fellowship as well as by the Isaac Newton Trust, is on human rights fact-finding in the digital age.

Ella also leads The Whistle, an academic startup supported by an EU Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 grant, which aims to support the collection and verification of human rights information for evidence.

The media in times of transition
Formation, evaluation and contestation of truth-claims
Senior Lecturer in the Sociology of New Media and Digital Technology
Co-Director, Centre of Governance and Human Rights,

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