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Trust & Technology Initiative


The Cambridge Research Agenda around Trust and Technology

The Trust & Technology Initiative shapes Cambridge’s research agenda around trust and technology, and fosters collaboration and engagement with industry, civil society, government, and the public around three key themes:

  • Rigorous technical foundations, for resilient, secure and safe computer systems
  • Relationships and interplays between technology and society; the nature of trust: trust in technology, and trust through technology
  • Applications within specific systems, in areas such as transport, critical infrastructure, identity, manufacturing, healthcare, financial systems and networks, communication systems, and internet of things

Some of the emerging research questions we are exploring:

  • When should we not trust technology?
  • We need resilient infrastructures, including software, energy, transport and supply chains. Today’s connected world is optimised for efficiency - how do we address the fragility this has created?
  • What might be more trustworthy alternatives to current internet business models, such as surveillance capitalism and the attention economy?
  • How can we navigate the politics and economics necessary to achieve acceptable levels of security, safety, and environmental sustainability, for connected devices and cyberphysical systems, including connected vehicles?
  • What is a trusted institution in the 21st century?
  • How can we adjust our measurement culture to prioritise human and social factors, alongside easy to measure technical performance metrics?
  • Corporations shape our world. How does the introduction of machine learning systems change their power?


Zotero Library around Trust and Technology

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